Howard Stern’s Holiday Card: Does He Really Look Like Ann Coulter In It?

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Radio personality Howard Stern’s Christmas holiday cards have taken a demented twist if you ask Ann Coulter, as the shock jock is posing in a Mrs. Santa Claus dress, replete with long haired wig and female makeup and hosiery. To hide his ugly hairy legs? But Stern’s little joke about Christmas may have backfired on him, as now people think he looks like Coulter in the photo, which they are comparing to her Time magazine cover photo.

Jose Lambiet’s Gossip Extra believes Coulter and Stern were separated at birth since he saw the photo. They do have an uncanny similarity in angular long faces and legs. They are both fairly tall. And with the long-haired wig Stern is wearing in his Mrs. Santa Claus outfit, his locks look like those of Coulter, if they were black instead of blond.

Take a look at the two photos and decide: Did these two controversial figures get separated at birth or are they just the counter opposites of each other, with one standing for “right” and conservatism, insisting that “There is nothing offensive about what Phil Robertson said” and the other intent on being as “leftist” and liberal as they come?

Howard Stern and Ann Coulter

Is Ann Coulter being mimicked by Howard in a Christmas card photo this year?

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