HSN Adds Free Online Games to Draw Viewers to Website

The Home Shopping Network knows people like to play online games. To get them to the website and keep them there, they are offering 25 free online games, including favorites like Mah Jongg, poker, and solitaire, in The HSN Arcade While the games are playing, about a third of the stream has a live feed of HSN programming. Players can also take advantage of daily specials and other offers targeted specifically to them. Several games are especially connected to the shopping network, including a spot the difference game called “Lights! Camera!Subtrction!” and a daily jigsaw puzzle of a HSN product.

Obviously, getting people to come to the website and stay is a valuable marketing asset for the company. Players also can share their scores on Facebook, which will attract even more unique visitors to the site. Once they are there, they may see a product they like, and buy it, just as they might see a product they like on television or in a magazine or on Facebook.

The website also offers free virtual tokens which viewers can display on their Facebook pages. To get these tokens, viewers have to register, which gives HSN access to them for further marketing efforts.

For more details on exactly how HSN is using this tool, check out this article in Chief Marketer.

Really, it is a win-win situation. The Arcade user gets free games, HSN gets more visitors to the website and potential customers, plus more social marketing. Expect to see more of this marrying of entertainment content and marketing in the near future.

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