HTC Thunderbolt Release Date Confirmed – Android Device on Sale Thursday for $250

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The moment Android fans have been waiting for is finally about to arrive! Verizon Wireless has confirmed that the HTC Thunderbolt release date will be Thursday March 17th. Everyone who has stuck it out, and kept some level of patience through out all the rumored delays and glitches for the first ever 4G LTE Android Smartphone.

At last, the pricing for the device has been revealed as well, so everyone can finally put their worries at ease on that subject as well. The HTC ThunderBolt price will be $250, with a two-year contract. Not too shabby a price to be able to carry around the hottest new handheld available.

The Thunderbolt sports a large, 4.3-inch touch screen and runs Google’s Android OS. Purchasers of this device are going to be in app heaven once they start browsing through the Android Market, and see the endless open source options available to them.

Finally some good news coming from Verizon Wireless regarding the HTC Thunderbolt release! The last  official news from the wireless carrier came from their Facebook page where they were stating they would announce the release date as soon as possible. It looks like this time the company stuck true to their intentions.

Will the HTC Thunderbolt release date bring another 24-hour sell out like the Apple iPad 2 release did?

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