HTC Thunderbolt Release Date Has Verizon in PR Mode on Twitter

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There continues to be a lengthy and frustrating wait for feisty smartphone fans looking to get their hands on the newest technology.  The HTC Thunderbolt release date has been at issue for weeks, and it appears it may continue to be.  Now, the company behind all of this, Verizon, is in damage control mode, engaging in public relations via Twitter.

The HTC Thunderbolt has been made available for pre-order at Best Buy and is also on via a sign-up for future email updates page.  Other than that, there is no indication from Verizon Wireless about when to officially expect the phone.  It’s been one confusing matter for those who want to actually own one of these gadgets.

According to GottaBeMobile, a Best Buy representative tweeted out that the HTC Thunderbolt release date would be on Thursday, March 4th.  However, it doesn’t appear this is going to be possible, and a date sometime in the middle of March seems more likely.

Verizon has even had to protect its reputation lately on Twitter as angry tweets have come in about the smartphone’s mysterious release date.  One Twitter user named Raunchy_Jesus tweeted:

“@Verizonwireless NOW the #Thunderbolt release date is the 28th?!? Your iPhone sucks & so does your marketing”

This prompted VerizonWireless to tweet back:

“We haven’t “changed” the Thunderbolt launch date – since we haven’t announced it yet.”

This appears to be true, but obviously is not going to calm the restless smartphone fans any more than the previous release dates that seem to have leaked online.  Hopefully the new HTC Thunderbolt release date is soon, so tech gadget afficionados will be able to get their hands on this hot new technology!

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