Hugh Hefner Backs Rush Limbaugh’s Right to Attack Sandra Fluke!

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Hugh Hefner often seems to be one to talk politics. Now that the Rush Limbaugh – Sandra Fluke mess has seemingly calmed down, Hugh offered some insight into Playboy Radio’s stance on Rush’s sexist comments.

In case you missed it, Rush went on a nasty tirade over three days about Georgetown Law School student Sandra Fluke and health insurance covering birth control. Limbaugh basically called her a prostitute on the radio, which sparked a national outrage with hundreds of sponsors pulling advertising.

Now here comes Hugh, tweeting out that even though he may object to the content, Rush has the right to slander Fluke on the radio:

Of course, any discussion about this topic is a slippery-slope for Hugh Hefner. He has made a mint on objectifying women in print (though people read his magazine for the stories).

So, if he goes on bashing Rush for his words while clinging to the First Amendment for his own magazine and radio station, that would be completely hypocritical. So, what do you think? Should Hefner just stay out of the Rush Limbaugh mess altogether, or should he have stuck his neck out on Twitter?

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