Hugh Hefner Believes Crystal Harris Had Another Guy

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In an interview with Piers Morgan, Hugh Hefner revealed that he believes his former fiancée Crystal Harris had at least one other boyfriend in the picture. The fact that he said “at least” makes people wonder if there were multiple boyfriends for the soon to be Mrs.

Hugh Hefner said, “I really don’t know what happened. I think that in time the rest of the story will play out… There’s more that we don’t know. I think there’s at least one other guy in the picture… I am prepared for that probability (of another man). I think that is part of it.”

At least he is prepared for the truth to come out. That is good because at his advanced age, a major shock could be bad. Simply finding out that Crystal Harris had split just days before their wedding was likely shock enough.

What do you think about the wedding that never happened? Is there another man in Crystal Harris’s life, or did she simply realize that she could not marry Hugh Hefner?

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