Hugh Hefner Doesn’t Want Car or Ring from Ex — Just the Dog

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Hugh Hefner isn’t your average man and he is therefore not your average ex-partner in a separation. Usually, people tend to fight over property, jewelry, cars and other valuable assets, but Hefner doesn’t want any of that in his separation from Crystal Harris. She can keep the expensive ring and the car that he got her before they ended their engagement in June. All he wants is their shared dog. But it appears that she wants it too.

File:Hugh Hefner 2007.jpgIt seems that the dog is the one thing that keeps these two in constant conversation; who gets the dog? She wants it, but he wants it also—and he is even offering her the car and the ring in exchange for the pooch. “We both love the puppy,” Hugh Hefner shared with People magazine. “I told (Crystal Harris) if she wants to keep the ring and the Bentley, then maybe I can keep the puppy. I (hope) we will work it out.”

The 25-year-old ex-fiancée has yet to speak out about giving the dog back to Hefner, but the dog would have plenty of space to run around in the Playboy mansion. The puppy is valuable to Hefner, but he wouldn’t dish out $100,000 extra to get it from her. In other words, he is hoping that she will just give it to him as he may not be willing to dish out any legal fees associated with regaining custody of the pooch.

So how does Hefner feel about his ex-fiancée now? Well, he still feels as if he dodged a bullet according to People, so hopefully he just gets the pooch so he can move on for good.

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