Hugh Hefner’s ‘Runaway Bride’ Comes For A Visit!

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Playboy founder Hugh Hefner is known for being generous, but when he gave the ‘OK’ for his ‘Runaway Bride,’ Playmate Crystal Harris, to come to the notorious Playboy Mansion for a party, a few were surprised. For those who know Hefner, it wasn’t a huge shock, he has remained close friends with most of his ex-girlfriends and two ex-wives. Hefner and Harris got engaged on Christmas Eve in 2010, a big step for 85-year-old Hef who had sworn off marriage after his second marriage (to Playmate Kimberley Conrad) failed in 1998.

Hugh Hefner 2007Just five days before their June wedding, Harris left Hefner. In the media frenzy that followed, Harris, now called the ‘Runaway Bride,’ said many things she later would regret. Since her departure, 25-year-old Crystal has been doing promotions, even for Playboy, and working on her singing and modeling career. All the while enduring stinging attacks from the press that continued even after Hefner had let it go. Typical for tabloids, but in the internet age, it also comes from blogs, comments and forums. Harris seems to be taking everything in stride and is moving forward with her life. For a beautiful, young and ambitious blonde in Hollywood, her chances of a successful career are pretty good.

Crystal’s close friend invited her to come along to the 4th Annual ‘Kandy Masquerade’ party at the Playboy Mansion on Saturday night. Crystal has remained good friends with her Playmate sisters and other Mansion regulars so it’s likely the visit was fun. Reports say that her time with Hugh Hefner was brief but sweet. The reports that are claiming this was the first time that Harris and Hefner have met since the breakup are totally untrue. Hefner has even tweeted about her earlier visits to the Mansion. It’s nice to see that the pair are getting along!

Crystal Harris will be hosting a party at Crazy Horse III and Posh Nightclub in Las Vegas on the night of Friday, March 16th

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