Hugh Jackman Gets a Huge 2012 Tony Awards Surprise

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Huge Jackman may be Australian, but he’s definitely a Broadway baby. The versatile actor and his wife, Deborra-Lee Furness, were front and center for the 2012 Tony Awards, but the husband in this couple was nearly knocked off his feet when his wife surprised this Aussie on stage at the Beacon Theater where the show took place on June 10.

Jackman, who has not only won a Tony (for The Boy From Oz) but who also hosted this highly praised awards show a total of three times, was honored for his charity work and contributions to the community that makes up the Great White Way.

As a way to make money, the actor came up with more than three quarters of a million dollars by selling t-shirts that said, “Hugh Jackman, Back on Broadway,” as part of an effort to come up with some very necessary bucks for the group called Broadway Cares.

That said, while Hugh was watching the one-night show on Broadway known as the Tony Awards 2012 from the house, his wife Deborra-Lee excused herself to go use the powder room. That was a ruse. Furness was actually headed backstage at the Beacon so she could be in on the special surprised aimed to her very talented, very giving husband.

And Hugh’s long-time spouse did a whopping good job, especially given her husband said that Deborra-Lee is not good with keeping secrets. Not at all. But she kept this one, in spades. His wife presented the special Tony to her man who seemed to be at a loss for words he was so amazed to see her there in front of everyone in such a loving way.

Because Hugh Jackman’s spouse suffers stage freight, this was an even bigger deal than simply surprising him with this great prize. In response, he gave her a huge kiss (see that here) to thank his woman for such an astounding gesture.

That said, did you see Hugh as he was given a huge surprise during the 2012 Tony Awards? Were you happy to see him so shocked yet so delighted at what happened to him on the Broadway stage on Sunday? Please weigh in.

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