Hugh Laurie Implies ‘Everyone Dies’ on Series Finale of ‘House’

House star Hugh Laurie recently implied that everyone on the series finale—to air on May 21st—dies. Now how can this even remotely be true?

According to a report from Hollywood Life, what Laurie actually provided in a recent interview was the title of the very last episode of House. The very first episode was called Everyone Lies. Will there be similarities?

Will Greg House, the infamous doctor, lover and tried-and-true trouble maker be among those to lose their lives in this television drama?

The New York Times is actually reporting that the title—Everyone Dies—is “very telling” of the very last episode of House. How do you feel about this?

Have you been a tried and true House fan? Did you love all the trouble Hugh Laurie got in over the years in addition to the many patients he managed to cure—often with his rather unconventional medical wisdom?

Will you be tuning in to the final episode of House on May 21st? It will be very interesting to learn if Hugh Laurie’s character Greg House dies on the episode titled Everyone Dies.

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