Hugh Laurie Would Be A Great Doctor Who

Director David Yates is planning on making a cinematic version of Doctor Who. After the Harry Potter director decided to turn the popular TV show into a movie, he had another big decision to make: who would play Doctor Who? To aid in the decision, he had IGN create a special survey for Doctor Who fans. The poll asked 7,000 participants for opinions on the best man for role. The winner? None other than Hugh Laurie, star of House.

Hugh Laurie

Hugh Laurie beat out some stiff competition for the honor of being named the best potential Doctor Who. Other popular choices included James McAvoy, Ewan McGregor, Gary Oldman, Michael Fassbender. Although many of these stars are younger, Laurie possesses a certain quality that they have no chance of competing with. It doesn’t hurt that people already know the actor as Doctor House. He may not be anything like past Doctor Who stars, but Hugh Laurie would be an excellent choice for the movie version.

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