Hugo Chavez Recovering from Surgery in Cuba

Hugo Chavez is currently recovering from emergency surgery in Cuba where he was visiting when he suffered from a sharp pain in his stomach that turned out to be a pelvic abscess. Some reports say that Chavez is in critical condition although the Venezuelan government denies them. The government is adamant that the current President is “recovering well” and will be back home by July 5th.

There were masses as well as indigenous rituals held around the country to wish for the speedy recovery of the President, though not all citizens were in attendance. Those in opposition to Chavez claim that it’s unconstitutional for the President to govern from abroad. These claims have been dismissed by those higher up in the government.

Many people seem to like the work that Chavez is doing in Venezuela, so hopefully the Venezuelan government is telling the truth, and Chavez will recover quickly and make his way home.

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