Hulk Hogan Admires Bart Scott and NY Jets Postgame Rant – Will NFL Star be in TNA Soon?

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Former WWE wrestling star Hulk Hogan inspired Bart Scott in his NY Jets postgame rant. The rant arrived during an ESPN interview following the Jets big victory over the New England Patriots last week. The Hulkster has taken notice of the incident and is now praising the Jets player’s rant. It leads many to wonder if Scott will soon be in a tag team match with The Hulkster on the TNA wrestling show.

Many news outlets have picked up coverage on this latest story involving Hulk and Bart, including USA Today. While Steelers coach Mike Tomlin has yet to bring up Bart Scott, he might want to keep his eye on him. The Jets player is now being admired by current TNA wrestler Hulk Hogan. That might even translate to Hogan showing Scott some good wrestling moves to take out opponents on the gridiron. Hogan told ESPN when asked about Scott’s rant:

“It was like one of my mid-’80s promos, and all that was missing were a few ‘What are you gonna dos?’ and some lightning bolts in there.  It was right on the money. I think it’s cool that [Scott] is stepping up and showboating it a bit, because it’s about personality and entertaining people, too.

I could tell Bart had been watching wrestling, and it’s pretty cool because a lot of these guys are afraid to step outside the box. …Sometimes when you say stuff you believe it and it happens.”

According to another ESPN news report, Scott grew up watching hundreds of hours of Hulk Hogan in the wrestling ring. Apparently, all of that studying of the glorified male soap opera paid off. It has helped give Scott some of that intensity and endurance he uses out on the football field.

A lot of football players are often seen attending pro wrestling events, including WWE Raw. Often, the players from the host city for the event are shown seated in the front row of the crowd. In one instance, Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger hosted the show. On another night, Chad Ochocinco ran the Monday Night Raw program. Several athletes have stepped into the ring for various pro wrestling events, including Dennis Rodman, Karl Malone, Shaquille O’Neal and Mike Tyson.

Currently, Hulk Hogan works with the TNA wrestling shows, so Bart Scott (pictured via Wikipedia) may soon be appearing there. Whether or not he’ll step into the wrestling ring is another story, but with his size and intensity, he shouldn’t be taken lightly on any playing field!

The Jets head to Pittsburgh Sunday to take on the Steelers for a trip to Superbowl XLV. Hulk Hogan just may be watching to see how Bart Scott does.

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