Hulk Hogan and Ex-Wife Lose Millions in Property Sales

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Yesterday, a report was released that discussed how Hulk Hogan’s ex-wife had sucked Hogan dry in their divorce settlements taking upwards of 70 percent of all their shared liquid assets. She even got a large portion of his companies’ worth in addition to lawsuits against Hogan, totaling several millions.

The couple agreed to share the money earned from the sale of their three homes, including a $13.9 million home. However, now it appears that the money they expected to get from the sale of their homes won’t be as much. According to a report by RadarOnline, Hulk and Linda won’t be getting more than $8.8 million for the home once listed at $13.9 million. That is quite the drop and less than expected for Hulk Hogan, who has lost upwards of 70 percent of his assets in the divorce.

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For future buyers, the $8.8 million is a good deal; 17,000 sq. feet, four-room guest apartment, 1.5 acre property, and view over the Intracoastal Waterway and the Clearwater Pass to the Gulf of Mexico. Smaller features include his and her baths, exercise room, several fireplaces, pool and a small waterfall. Actually all of the features Hulk Hogan’s home can offer are also offered in Bruce Willis’ home listed at $15 million. Perhaps Hogan needs a new real-estate agent.

Should Hulk Hogan even be selling considering the low price?

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