Hulk Hogan Doesn’t Know His Sex Tape Partner’s Name (Video)

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Hulk Hogan has just made a shocking announcement. The wrestling legend has revealed that he has no idea who his sex partner in the recently unearthed sex tape was. He’s not denying of having sex with her, whoever she was. He just can’t remember her name, or how, when, or where he met her. Actually, he knows nothing about the mystery woman–except of course what’s obvious on the tape.

According to TMZ, the Hulkster “banged so many chicks after he left his ex-wife … the woman could be one of MANY possible conquests.” Hogan, a.k.a. Terry Bollea admittedly went on a drunken binge after leaving his ex-wife and former reality show co-star, Linda. The bender lasted 4 months, during which time a lot of ladies waltzed in and out of Hulk’s life not to mention his bedroom. Of course, all that changed when he met his current wife Jennifer McDaniel to whom he claims he’s been faithful for the past 5 years. At least that clears up the question of when he met the mystery brunette on the tape. It must have been at least 5 years ago. But it still doesn’t give a clue as to the lady’s identity.

“During that time,” Hogan explained, “I don’t even remember people’s names, much less girls.”

Oh well, be that as it may, Hulk Hogan is certain about one thing. He intends to take legal action if the tape is distributed.

So there you have it. Hogan is an adult, and as such, he has the right to have sex with any and all adults who want to have sex with him. The only genuinely disturbing thing about all this is that, according to his statement about not remembering “people’s names, much less girls,” he doesn’t seem to consider women as people.

Anyway, you can watch Hulk’s interview with TMZ on the video clip below. Stay tuned.

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