Hulk Hogan girlfriend Jennifer McDaniel & Brooke Hogan look a lot alike

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The celeb gossip has now started about the newest Hulk Hogan girlfriend.  Hulk (Terry Bollea) and his latest girlfriend also appeared together on Howard Stern’s SiriusXM Satellite Radio Show earlier on Thursday morning.  Stern was his usual intrigued self, probing into the celebrities sex life.  Stern also grilled Hogan about what he’s up to in his career lately and about his divorce from wife Linda as well.

(Left: Hogan’s current girlfriend Jennifer McDaniel, daughter Brooke & ex-wife Linda)

So Jennifer McDaniel is the Hulkster’s latest gal pal, and many are calling her a twin of Hogan’s daughter Brooke.  Apparently Brooke and Jennifer also hang out together a lot, as seen in a variety of photos.  The “twins” appear in quite a few shots taken while shopping, or at the beach, hanging out in bikinis together.  In at least one pic, Brooke appears to have a bit of a height advantage over her dad’s current girlfriend though.  Here’s a photo of Jennifer McDaniel, Hulk Hogan and daughter Brooke posing together.

According to the interview Hogan did earlier on “The View” on ABC, Hogan met Jennifer McDaniel at a health food store and she’s now his fiance.  He said he was in a bad spot in his life at the time, walking around in a daze and bumped into Jennifer in the store.  He told the ladies of The View that he thought Jennifer worked at the store and asked her where to find something.  Weeks later he was back there and bumped into her again, thinking she worked there.  He said as she walked away, he noticed her body and that’s how it all started.  Hogan also said when his daughter and Jennifer are together in public they look nothing alike.

Currently, Hulk Hogan is a part of Total Nonstop Action wrestling (TNA), where he has been involved in various segments and matches with his fellow hall of fame wrestler, Ric Flair.  The Hulk Hogan girlfriend episode of the Howard Stern XM Radio show will be shown on Howard Stern’s On Demand channel called Howard TV.  Check here for the listings of when you can see the couple’s interview.  Hogan also appeared on NBC’s “Today Show” and “The View” (see video here) on ABC to promote TNA wrestling another endeavors.

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