Hulk Hogan News: Daughter Brooke Hogan Nude for PETA Ad

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In the latest Hulk Hogan news, his singer daughter will appear naked for a new ad campaign. That’s right the new PETA advertisement will feature Brooke Hogan nude, providing plenty of material for Hogan’s opponents in wrestling.

The new Brooke Hogan PETA ad campaign will arrive on Thursday according to Coincidentally, that day is also Hulk Hogan’s birthday. What will “The Hulkster” have to say about all this? Based on Miami Herald’s report, he’s fully in support of what his daughter is doing by exposing herself for PETA. In fact, Hulkster will appear at the official unveiling of the new picture featuring his daughter in her birthday suit. Maybe this will be the launching ground for Brooke to appear in Playboy next?

Wrestler Hulk Hogan, formerly with WWE, currently works with the Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Impact pro wrestling organization. He was last seen this past Sunday at the Hardcore Justice 2011 Pay-Per-View bringing a chair to the ring for the Kurt Angle versus Sting match. That chair played a part in helping Kurt Angle win the TNA World Heavyweight Championship from Sting. With the news of Brooke Hogan nude for PETA, and the potential for Hogan haters to talk trash to him using his daughter for the punchlines, they certainly better watch their backs for steel chair shots!

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