Hulk Hogan Out of Hospital – Wedding Approaches

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Hulk Hogan is out of the hospital and on his way to a wedding, his own! Hulk Hogan was hospitalized on Labor Day because of severe back pain.

File:Hulk Hogan.jpgThe Post Chronicle states that Hulk Hogan is now out of the hospital after nearly 5 days. Hogan suffered back spasms so painful that he was unable to get out of bed. Following his departure from the hospital, Hulk announced he would once again be getting married.

TMZ reports that as soon as Hulk Hogan was out of the hospital, he gave a quick interview and stated he was going to speed up his wedding date. Hulk’s soon  to be second wife is Jennifer McDaniel, his long time girlfriend.

Hulk and Jennifer already had plans to get married but nothing was finalized. It seems this hospital scare may have opened Hogan’s eyes about who he truly loves and wants to spend the rest of his life with.

According to The National Ledger, Hulk Hogan is transferring to another hospital because “he was too big for the MRI machine.” That is not at all surprising considering the size of Hogan. His nickname is Hulk for a reason. Hogan also stated that he was going to seek additional medical care for his back.

Fortunately for Hulk Hogan, he is doing well. It may have taken him a few days to get out of the hospital but now he’s on to bigger and better things. Even though Hulk was enthusiastic in his comments about marrying Jennifer, he did not give a specific date. Hopefully Hogan will make a full recovery and not be plagued by more back pain, doubtful though.



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