Hulk Hogan Sex Tape Shows Wrestler Stopping to Answer the Phone?

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Professional wrestler Hulk Hogan has found himself in a celebrity scandal. A new sex tape featuring him doing the nasty with a brunette woman has gone viral. But the funniest part of the tape (aside from the 58-year-old showing off his thong tan lines) has nothing to do with his brief performance — and everything to do with the fact he actually stopped making love to the girl so he could answer his cell phone.

The mystery woman in question is Heather Clem. At the time the video footage was filmed, she was married to one of the Hulkster’s best friends — a shock jock radio DJ named “Bubba The Love Sponge”. Hogan was also allegedly still married at the time — possibly to his ex-wife Linda.

The video appears to have been filmed at their house and Hulk claims he had permission to sleep with her from her ever-lovin’ hubby. Yes, the story gets worse as it unfolds.

Hulk Hogan3Hulk Hogan is a swinger. Shudder.

Heather Clem has now gone public, apparently, with claims she is ashamed of the fact she slept with the aging celebrity athlete. Supposedly, she isn’t embarrassed she sleeps around for fun but was humiliated by the thought her friends and family (and other potential lovers) would know she hooked up with someone so, “corny”.

But, as one celebrity gossip columnist for The SOP points out, “At one point the bloated ex-wrestler orders Clem to stop performing a sex act so he can answer his cell phone.”

What’s more, they say, “A real lady would never have allowed herself to be videotaped having sex with a degenerate loser like Hogan.” Actually, a real lady might consider not being a swinger.

What do you think, readers? Which part of this celebrity scandal is more embarrassing for the girl — the fact she did the nasty with the outlandish wrestling icon or that she was not interesting enough to keep his attention for the entire time they were doing it?

At this point in time, only one thing is clear: everyone has now seen far too many new wrestling moves from the Hulkster than America ever needed to (especially considering his advancing years).

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