Hulk Hogan to Teach Wrestling to Little People

Hulk Hogan has plans to teach wrestling to a whole slew of little people. No, he’s not simply trying to provide job security for them, but rather has an idea for a reality TV show instead. Tentatively called Micro Wrestling, it will be about ‘the wrestling world of little people.’

According to a report from RadarOnline, Hogan, aka Terry Bollea, is a former superstar pro wrestler himself. His entire family used to be part of their own TV reality show. Now he will feature little people pounding the crap out of each other in a wrestling ring.

Does something about this seem wrong? First off, if little people want to be known simply as people just like the rest of us, do they really want to be segregated into their own ‘brand’ of reality TV show? It would be like having a reality show about people of one religion or one ethnic race. It simply doesn’t feel right.

Hulk Hogan’s show will reportedly show viewers how these little people train to become wrestlers. It is said to be focusing on the ‘extraordinary physical capabilities and and the true strength of people of that structure.’

How do you feel about Micro Wrestling? Does it in any way feel to you like Hulk Hogan is exploiting little people? Of course there was Little People, Big World, but at least on that show the little people weren’t put in a wrestling ring and encouraged to fight one another. This sort of feels like they’re being put in that proverbial fishbowl to be gawked at in wonder.

Only time will tell if Hulk Hogan’s latest endeavor pays off–and at whose expense.

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Hulk Hogan

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