Hulk Hogan’s Disturbing Sex Tape Clip Leaked

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Hulk Hogan has had a rough couple of years, and now, they just got a little worse. There have been rumors of a sex tape featuring the wrestler making the rounds on the web for months, but no evidence has emerged—until now.

Celebrity sex tapes aren’t anything new, and rarely do they do any good for the person involved. In fact, a sex tape can tarnish a celebrity, and unfortunately in Hulk’s case, it could do more harm than your typical run-of-the-mill leak.

Hulk Hogan croppedThe clip that was leaked may have choppy editing, and it may only be a minute and forty seconds long, but there is a lot of incriminating evidence condensed into it. Not only does the public learn that the wrestler is sleeping with a woman who is alleged to be his best friend’s ex-wife, but he even appears to have his next escapade lined up. When the act is over, Hulk Hogan sticks around a bit to chat with the woman who is still laying in bed unclothed. He reveals to her that his son’s girlfriend has a twin sister who wants to be the first one to date Hulk after his divorce is final.

Oh, was that not mentioned before? If the tape is indeed authentic, then the sexual encounter took place while he was married. Interestingly, Linda Hogan accused her husband of being unfaithful, and now she may finally have her proof.

Why would someone leak this tape, though? Gawker originally got ahold of the tape, allegedly from an anonymous source. Said source didn’t ask for any compensation or even for any credit. When a celebrity sex tape emerges, it is usually shopped for an obscene amount of money until one of the tabloid sources jump at the chance to have it. But with Hulk’s tape, that was not the case. That means, whoever leaked it wanted to deliberately tarnish his image, but why?

There has not yet been a statement from Hogan or his camp.

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