Hulu Up for Grabs; Google Latest Potential Buyer

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Hulu, one of the most popular video and television streaming services on the internet, is currently for sale, and three of the most significant companies in the world are vying for who will be the next owner.

First Microsoft and Yahoo! tossed their hats into the ring to purchase the company, which is co-owned by major conglomerates such as Disney, News Corp., NBC Universal, and Providence Equity Partners, being some of the only companies with the means with which to purchase the web service. But now Google has added themselves to the list of potential buyers, clearly having the capital to do so, and completed the trifecta.

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As for Hulu, the site likely does not care who attains it in the end, as long as they’re able to pay the estimated $2 to $3 billion dollars that the deal is said to cost. The only potential conflict if Google purchases Hulu is that they recently acquired YouTube, which seems a conflict of interest. Why would they want/need both, unless just to ensure that others did not have a chance to compete?

Who would you like to see purchase Hulu?

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