Human Barbie Busted for a Fake?

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The woman known as the human Barbie has once again been called out for being a fake. Valeria Lukyanova claims her dramatic photos are not the product of photoshop or airbrushing, but there are many skeptics who believe otherwise.

According to a new report, Lukyanova’s claims have been debunked simply by watching a few of the hundreds of videos she has posted to YouTube. It is pretty easy to see the difference between the photos and videos. However, that does not necessarily mean she is any faker than the hundreds of supermodels and celebrities in the magazines today.

Airbrushing has become the norm. Blotchy skin, love handles and even cellulite are regularly “fixed” to give the celebrity a perfect complexion and figure. Lukyanova is really no different except for the fact she denies her photos have had any help. Her Barbie-like features are obviously enhanced with a little makeup, lighting and whether she admits it or not, a handy photo enhancing tool.

The Human Barbie wants attention and so far, her antics are working. She has more than 16 million views on her YouTube account. People know she is fake, but cannot stop themselves from looking.

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