Human Evolution Aided by Eating Meat; Take That Vegetarians!

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Human evolution may have been aided by the consumption of meat over thousands of years. At least that’s what a group of scientists in Sweden believe. The scientific theory is that eating meat improved the gestation of human life, strengthened breast feeding and lent to cognitive development. So how do you like that, veggie-heads?

Evolutionary tree showing the divergence of modern species from their common ancestorThe scientists reportedly studied around 70 different mammalian species to conclude, theoretically, that meat-eating contributed positively to the process of evolution. It enabled breast-feeding which shortened the gaps between human pregnancies, which presumably led to the increase of human population over time. Now, breast-feeding is looked at as something so average and biologically normal that nobody stops to think about human reproduction back in the times of so-called “cavemen.”

The consumption of meat is also believed to be connected to the cognitive development and brain growth of human beings, as studies indicated that the young instinctively stopped nursing on the teet after their brains reached certain sizes.

This scientific theory is absolutely fascinating and when it comes to human biology, it’s all about this amazing, and universally accepted, science. So don’t shy away from that steak next time you eat. Next time someone makes you feel bad for eating meat, don’t hesitate to let them know just how much the consumption of it lends to the evolutionary process of human development, who know — you may just be contributing to the overall increase of mental and physical strength in the big scheme of things!

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