Hundreds Follow A Man Named Braco Hoping For Miracle On 1/11/11

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The date is something that only happens once in a blue moon. 1/11/11 won’t happen again, well, until Jan 11th, 3011, but some people really believe certain dates are special and for hundreds in Miami, today is that day. A man who goes by the name of Braco (pronounced Braht-zoh) claims to be a spiritual healer and is here to help people on this day. Followers of Braco claim you can be helped with your problems just by staring into his eyes.  Born in Croatia as Josip Grbavac, he is a spiritual healer, or a conduit of an ethereal energy, according to his followers.

Braco packed a Miami Beach Convention Center ballroom Monday as supporters paid $8 each to gaze into his eyes and hopefully have their problematic life helped by a miracle.

Frank Weller is a filmmaker who encouraged this man to come to Miami Beach. He says he isn’t a prophet or a religious figure. He is a spiritual helper.  Weller said Tuesday’s date, Jan. 11, 2011 — or 1-11-11 — is significant because his gaze passes on a strong sense of oneness, something he hadn’t felt since Woodstock. “He’s not trying to have followers,” Weller said.

Hmmm, Mr. Weller says he hasn’t had these same feelings since Woodstock? Interesting. In fairness, some people swear by the healer and say he is the real deal.

“I felt a little dizzy,” said Veronica Malazzo, 39, who saw Braco for the first time Monday and immediately got in line for a second go-around. “It was a little strong, like a shock when he came upstairs.”

Do you think this man who goes by Braco is the real deal, or someone who is out to make a fast buck?

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