‘Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ Casting: Alan Ritchson to Play Gloss

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The tributes are lining up fast and furious this week: Hunger Games “tributes,” that is. Lionsgate announced Thursday that the role of Gloss in Catching Fire has gone to Alan Ritchson, the third casting decision for the movie in as many days.

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The hunky former Abercrombie and Fitch model follows Bruno Gunn and Meta Golding as the latest of the many actors currently being cast as the upcoming Hunger Games sequel’s former winning tributes who return to compete along with Katniss in the Quarter Quell.

Ritchson must be aware of just how much he lucked out by scoring this, his first significant movie role, in what is virtually a guaranteed blockbuster. Most of his acting work up till now has been in television. He starred in Spike TV’s Blue Mountain State for three seasons and had a recurring role as Aquaman in the series Smallville.

If you didn’t catch him on TV, you may know Alan Ritchson more by his physique than by his name: besides posing for A&F and online underwear ads, he also happened to be the model for the title character in the 2007 movie Beowulf, with Angelina Jolie. Of course, if Catching Fire doesn’t ignite Ritchson’s acting career the way he hopes, he can always go back to his music. He released an album in 2005 and continues to pursue a music career along with acting.

Be sure to check him out as Gloss when The Hunger Games: Catching Fire comes out in November 2013. Chances are everyone else in the Western Hemisphere will be!

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