‘Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ Casting: Meta Golding Is Enobaria

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Keeping up with the growing roster of names and faces involved in the Hunger Games sequel Catching Fire is getting to be almost as challenging as competing in the Hunger Games themselves. Adding to the challenge was Lionsgate’s announcement Tuesday of another new cast member: TV actress Meta Golding as Enobaria.

Golding is one of a string of actors — including Jena Malone, Bruno Gunn, and Amanda Plummer — recently cast to play past winning tributes in the Games who show up in the sequel to compete again. Her character, Enobaria, is from District 2 and is known for being a brutal and relentless competitor — which of course you’d almost have to be if the only way to win is to kill everyone else around you.

You may have seen Meta Golding on the shows House, CSI, Day Break, and Criminal Minds, among others. Aside from her acting work, she also has an impressive international pedigree. The Haitian-American grew up all over the world, speaks three languages, was a competitive figure skater in Italy and earned two degrees from Cornell University, according to the Catching Fire Facebook page.

To top it all off, she’s a beautiful young woman. No doubt her role in this hot franchise will propel her to even more success.

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