‘Hunger Games’ Movie Mistakes Revealed: Top Shocking Mishaps!

The Hunger Games was one of 2012’s biggest blockbusters. It also gave several stars a nice boost to their careers. Most fans would agree that the movie did a wonderful job of adapting the book into a movie.

The Hunger Games (Hunger Games Series #1)However, there are those nit picky few who looked for and found several mistakes in the film. Hey, it’s Hollywood magic, not real magic. Anyway, here are just a few of the really big mistakes.

• “When Katniss, Peeta and Cato are on top of the Cornucopia near the end of the film, she aims an arrow at Cato while he has Peeta in a headlock. Katniss has her arrow fletchings on backwards. This would prevent her from shooting straight.

• “While Katniss is hiding/sleeping in a tree before the fire corals her into the path of the Careers, her sleeping bag vanishes in and out of the scene.

• “There is no cannon fire to alert the Hunger Games participants that Rue and her killer, Marvel, have died.”

Don’t feel too bad though because Hunger Games is hardly the only movie to have a few mishaps in it. In fact, it would be nearly impossible to find a movie free of mistakes. Go ahead, try.

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