‘Hunger Games’ Movie’s Willow Shields Talks About Being Prim

In the Hunger Games movie, Willow Shields as Primrose Everdeen is a serious girl forced to grow up way too fast. In real life, and in a recent interview, the 11-year-old actress is a sweet girl, who is still trying to live a normal life, despite playing an important part in the biggest movie of the year.

Not surprisingly, life has changed for Shields. “Before the Hunger Games I was just normal, you know? Like, there’s a part here, there’s a part there, and there was school, and friends,” she recently said. And after the movie came out, “It’s like, take a trip to L.A., come back to school, hang out with friends, take a trip to L.A., go to the premiere, do a photo shoot. It’s very different.”

The Hunger Games series And she had something to say about her big sister Katniss co-star, too. Of Jennifer Lawrence, she says, “She’s awesome! She is so nice. Every time I see her, we’re totally just like sisters. It’s a really awesome connection that we made.” And it’s awesome to hear how down-to-earth Shields really is. She sounds just like an 11-year-old girl having fun.

While she’s having fun with her new life and seeing all the movie’s fans — after all, what young girl wouldn’t be? — she’s still trying to have a normal life. Even so, as Prim, Willow Shields’ life will be anything but normal.

She doesn’t have a return time yet to head back to the movie set, but the second film, Catching Fire, is set to release November 2013, and Shields is looking forward to being part of it all.

What did you think of young Prim in the Hunger Games movie?

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