‘Hunger Games’ Sequel ‘Catching Fire’ Casting ‘Bridesmaid’ Star?

Casting for Hunger Games‘ sequel Catching Fire will soon be underway. And while there are plenty of roles to go around, there are more than enough actors and extras to fill them. However, most people would want for the major celebrities cast to already be a fan of the trilogy.

CATCHING FIRE{ THE SECOND BOOK OF THE HUNGER GAMES} BY SUZANNE COLLINSThere is a huge fan whom is also an actor. In fact, this actor was in the blockbuster comedy Bridesmaid. It is Ben Falcone who played Air Marshall John. Falcone is also married to comedienne Melissa McCarthy. You can also see him in What To Expect When You Are Expecting as Elizabeth Banks husband.

Speaking about Banks and Catching Fire, Falcone said, “I knew she had done this movie and then someone showed me a picture of her and it was so cool! I was like, I wanna be one of those. So I’ve been openly campaigning to be in it. I want to be one of those Capitol dwellers. I want my hair to be 8 feet tall and have purple skin.”

If the movie director gave away roles because of zest, Ben Falcone will definitely get one. Hopefully, Catching Fire will have a role for Falcone. What do you think? Do you think he would be a good fit for the Hunger Games‘ sequel?

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