‘Hunger Games’ Sequel ‘Catching Fire’ Casting Call Underway for December Deadline

The casting call for Hunger Games’ sequel Catching Fire is now underway. The actual casting will take place during the summer but now is your chance to try and get an audition. There’s a part of everyone that screams, “I am a star!” and now’s your chance to see if you can be one.

CATCHING FIRE{ THE SECOND BOOK OF THE HUNGER GAMES} BY SUZANNE COLLINSThe Hunger Games is arguably 2012’s biggest movie. Sure, Avengers broke records but it starred established actors and actresses. The Hunger Games actually made stars out of relatively unknowns. So, which movie do you think is better? That would be your personal preference.

Anyway, if you are interested in starring alongside Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson then find out now. There are several supporting and co-starring roles available but competition will be fierce. The sequel will begin filming in August and has to wrap filming by December because of Lawrence’s schedule. She is under contract to begin filming X-Men: First Class‘ sequel in January.

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