‘Hunger Games’ Sequel ‘Catching Fire’ Casting for Finnick Odair Down to Two?

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The Hunger Games’ sequel Catching Fire casting for Finnick Odiar has reportedly been narrowed down to just two actors. Odair is perhaps the most heated and coveted role of 2012. Several actors have been linked to the role and several more have probably auditioned for it but the latest rumor states only two are viable candidates.

CATCHING FIRE{ THE SECOND BOOK OF THE HUNGER GAMES} BY SUZANNE COLLINSInitially, John Carter‘s Taylor Kitsch, was said to be the frontrunner for Finnick even though he had previously dismissed those claims. Recently Kitsch even denied those reports again. Supposedly, The Social Network‘s Armie Hammer and On the Road‘s Garrett Hedlund are now the top two actors pegged for the role. Neither actor has officially addressed the rumors so fans are left waiting for more information.

The sequel Catching Fire will probably become as big a blockbuster as The Hunger Games was. It’s shocking that anyone would not want to be linked to it. Hopefully, there will be official news soon in regards to the casting of Finnick Odair.

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