‘Hunger Games’ Sequel ‘Catching Fire’ Casting for Finnick Odair: Justin Timberlake is Fan Favorite

Casting for Hunger Games’ sequel Catching Fire’s Finnick Odair might just be the most talked thing when it comes to Catching Fire. Casting is underway for several roles but Finnick is the one fans are most curious about and for good reason. Finnick plays a vital role in the story and casting for him will bring out many of Hollywood’s hottest young men.

Amongst the contenders is former boy band lead and present day actor/singer Justin Timberlake. This child star turner mega star talent has proven he can sing and act with the best of them. Timberlake also meets the characteristics outlined for Odair. He is tall, handsome, tan with bronze hair and light eyes. However, there’s no guarantee Timberlake will get the role.

As big a name as Justin Timberlake has become, if he gets to star in Hunger Games’ sequel Catching Fire would help his acting career gain more steam.

Timberlake has proven he can be the lead in movies but he’s yet to star in a saga. This would be the perfect one for him to try and get in on.

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