‘Hunger Games’ Sequel ‘Catching Fire’ Filming Location: Georgia?

There has been a lot of buzz about Hunger Games’ sequel Catching Fire lately. North Carolina was the filming location for the first movie in the trilogy but there’s a rumor it won’t be the same for the sequel. It’s not surprising for a movie to move its filming location or to have a central location and several sub locations.

CATCHING FIRE{ THE SECOND BOOK OF THE HUNGER GAMES} BY SUZANNE COLLINSCatching Fire is in the early stages of production has everyone excited. This is the time it starts to come together. The movie’s casting call is underway and locations are being scouted. The latest gossip around where it will mainly be filmed has moved from North Carolina to Georgia. The rumors began after some telling tweets from Russ Bowen, an anchor in Asheville.

Bowen tweeted, “Looks #catchingfire filming in NC could be very limited. Soundstage used for #hungergames may move out of Charlotte #avlnews #cltnews”

Hunger Games’ sequel Catching Fire should spread the love. There are fans everywhere just waiting to get a glimpse of their favorite actors in full costume acting out scenes. Who wouldn’t be happy to see Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss or Josh Hutcherson as Peeta? Fans are already impacted by just watching the movie; imagine if they were to see the actors live!

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