‘Hunger Games’ trilogy news: ‘Mockingjay’ movie release dates announced

Mockingjay may be the third book in the Hunger Games series, and the Catching Fire movie hasn’t been released yet (it comes out this November), but that hasn’t stopped Lionsgate from announcing when the third book will be turned into a film.

In fact, the film production company is planning on splitting the third book into two: Mockingjay part one and two released on November 21, 2014, and November 20, 2015 respectively.

MockingjayIt had long been speculated that the Hunger Games franchise would be split into four films, despite Suzanne Collins only penning three books, but fans didn’t quite see how this split would happen. Catching Fire seems to lend itself to two parts—the aftermath of book one, followed by the Quarter Quell games—but it was generally considered that two parts wouldn’t leave enough plot to fill two films.

So what is Liongate thinking? It seems they’re taking a play out of the Twilight playbook and drawing out the success as much as possible of the Hunger Games franchise.

But it might be to the detriment of the films, considering Mockingjay worked so well and had such an emotional impact because it was all part of one novel. The big emotional scenes might not be as effective if its split into two.

What do you think of this news about the Hunger Games movies? Are you disappointed in Lionsgate’s decision, or does it make you even more excited for the films?

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