Hunted, by PC Cast and Kristin Cast

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I confess, I’m probably hooked. Hunted, by PC Cast and Kristin Cast is the fifth of the House of Night Novels, and it’s just come out in paperback. It resolves the issues left unfinished in the previous novel and ends at a much more satisfying point, so maybe I’ll cope better with the wait for number six (i.e. for the paperback number six).


I like the way the authors (a mother and daughter) have created a world in these books that’s only slightly offset from our own. Comparisons are encouraged as the story progresses. Catholic nuns prove themselves open to seeing there’s more to eternity than they fully understand. Other groups view divergence from religious norm as pure evil. And the heroic vampyres, far from being one-dimensional good or bad guys, are painted with mixed temptations and abilities, to heal or destroy the world. Indian culture and myth weave in and out the tale, and the whole is a delightfully intriguing, thought-provoking creation, nestling under a story of teen angst, teen love and rejection.


“Will anyone believe the power evil has to hide among us?” the back cover asks—a question as valid perhaps of our own reality as of this fictional one, and one that lends strength and depth to the story and characters, raising this series above other books of its genre. Yes, I’m definitely hooked.

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