Hurricane Sandy: HAARP To Blame? Zone A in NYC, Other Areas Virtually Destroyed

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Was Hurricane Sandy caused by HAARP? The uber secret government program is being touted as the cause for the flooding in Zone A of New York and other places. But is there any proof of this theory?

HAARP, which stands for High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, has long been accused of manipulating storms — it was also blamed for steering the course of Hurricane Katrina. So it shouldn’t really be surprising that people are blaming HAARP for Sandy as well.

Conspiracy theories are running wild with many saying that HAARP was used to help President Obama sweep the election next Tuesday, November 6.

According to reports, Sandy “will undoubtedly produce widespread chaos and present an ideal opportunity for Obama to come off as a strong and decisive leader. Following the ‘perfect storm’, the establishment media will naturally provide all the propaganda Obama needs to sweep the election on Tuesday, November 6, a week after the hurricane is projected to hit.”

While there is no doubt at all that Hurricane Sandy was a monster and did leave an unprecedented amount of damage, it seems crazy to blame HAARP and President Obama.

Do you think that Obama would go to these extremes — to kill people and create devastation — just to secure he gets voted into office again?

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