Hurricane Sandy is on our way-Are your prepared? Have you been hit by it yet?

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Husband and I needs to start packing for we may have to be evacuated. We plenty of candles and water. We have no place to go so we probable will end up in a shelter. I am concern about my animals because usually you can’t take your animals with you at a shelter. If I can’t take my animals than I refuse to leave my home without them. I will feel guilty if anything should happen to them. Specially Buttercup, with her coming from a shelter and was so abused when we adopted her, she be devasted and confused not being able to be with me. She may even think we abandoned her.

The river here I been hearing that it already collapsed and we live near the river and the winds here in Pennsylvania are getting stronger. Husband and I are preparing.

How is everything going on in your part of the woods? Are you all okay my dear gather friends?

How are you being effected by Hurricane Sandy?

Have you been told you have to evacuated?

If you have been told that you need to be evacuated, please do. It is not just for your safety but for the safety of the person who had to go in and rescue you, firemen, volunteer’s, police, or anybody. Get yourself to safety if need to be. “Please! Protect your animals too. Animals are living creatures too.

It is for your own safety and good. If you have a neighbor or anybody who needs help to evacuated, if you are able, do a kind deed and give a helping hand. We all need to work together and pull together in time of disasters.


Stay Safe!

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