Hurricane Sandy: JCP&L Warns of Power Outages in New Jersey

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Hurricane Sandy is coming—just how much damage it will do is unknown. JCP&L is already warning customers of potential power outages when Sandy comes ashore in New Jersey. After a freak snowstorm hit in October 2011, thousands of customers were without power, some for weeks. JCP&L came under scrutiny for not repairing and restoring power sooner, as the temperatures dropped below freezing in 2011.

After the storm last year, lines of trucks were seen by residents in parking lots—doing nothing. Families rightfully were angry and waited over two weeks for power to be restored. Why in this modern day would power take over two weeks to be restored? This year customer may face the same fate.

The entire state will be under the threat of hurricane-force wind gusts, as well as sustained winds over 40 mph, for upwards of two days. Jersey Central Power & Light warned customers that power outages could last as long as 10 days.

“Customers could expect to be out of power for seven to 10 days,” JCP&L President Don Lynch said. “We do expect a lot of damage from the winds if they develop …”

Lynch also went on to state that the response as Hurricane Sandy hits will be better than in last year. Not comforting, but at least he is acknowledging the lack of effort in restoring power to residents of N.J. in 2011.

“Just know that Jersey Central will be working hard day and night. We’ve already started should that storm hit shore here and cause outages in our system,” Lynch said.

Many towns in New Jersey endured severe flooding and power outages after not just tropical storm Irene, but the October storm as well. While the power companies had out-of-state help, there were claims of repairs not being done fast enough or in an orderly fashion. Hopefully JCP&L keeps its word and repairs power outages (if they happen) as soon as possible.

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