Hurricane Sandy: Lindsay Lohan, Ryan Seacrest, Other Celebs Make Light of Storm on Twitter

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As Hurricane Sandy approaches, celebrities from Lindsay Lohan to Ryan Seacrest made nervous, and in some cases, just plain dumb jokes about the approaching storm on Twitter. Some, like Ashley Greene, even joked about their lack of preparation. Not smart. Others, like Lindsay Lohan pretended not to know the storm’s proper name. Or perhaps Lilo wasn’t pretending. Maybe she was just stoned.

‘WHY is everyone in SUCH a panic about hurricane (i’m calling it Sally)..?” La Lohan wrote. “Stop projecting negativity! Think positive and pray for peace.”

Well, actually, that was a pretty encouraging message. However, in addition to prayer and positivity, there is also effort. Like making an effort to get the hell out of there.

Ashley Greene was even worse. The Twilight actress joked about her lack of preparation for what might come.

“‘In light of the hurricane coming my way…I bought two pairs of boots, a purse, and a jacket.’


Ricky Gervais managed to get in a joke about Sandy as well as a sexist jibe at America’s most famous but least favorite reality show family.

“This ‘Sandy’ who’s on TV all the time and is blowing the entire east coast,” Gervais tweeted, “I assume she’s a Kardashian right?”

Ryan Seacrest, who just arrived in New York, pretty much stuck to the facts when he took to his Twitter page to lament:

“Woke up to an earthquake in LA, now going to bed to a hurricane in NYC…’


Interestingly, one “star” seemed to be enjoying the potentially disastrous situation. Bikini model Coco’s message showed her keen curiosity about the impending hurricane.

“I’m obsessed with Hurricane Sandy” Ice T.’s wife tweeted. “I just LOVE weather!The eye of the storm is coming straight towards me!!So exciting!Am I insane?I’m ready.”


So there you have it. Best of luck and prayers to all East Coast residents and visitors.

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