Hurricane Sandy: Victoria’s Secret Displaces Army for Underwear Show

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A Victoria’s Secret lingerie show, featuring Rihanna and Justin Bieber, is still happening Wednesday, despite Hurricane Sandy.

The Army, National Guard and Air Force are currently using the Lexington Armory in Manhattan for the Sandy cleanup. But, Victoria’s Secret had booked the building in advance, for their annual lingerie show. So, service members are now forced to schlep to hotels Wednesday, to make way for Rihanna, Justin Bieber, and assorted supermodels.

In fairness to VS, the catalogue giant did lend their generators to the military over the last week. But, the annual blockbuster event needs to be postponed until a more appropriate time, because there are more important matters right now. How can you displace people who are helping to clean up from Hurricane Sandy? Are Justin Bieber and Rihanna really that important?

Mayor Michael Bloomberg seems to have a bizarre set of priorities. He was dragged kicking and screaming into ditching the New York City Marathon. The mayor obviously felt a road race was more important that the health and safety of his constituents. But, how can you force military members to uproot themselves for an underwear show?

Since Hurricane Sandy first began hammering New York, there have been about 300 uniformed personnel rotating in and out of the armory. VS should be lauded for helping out the guardsmen, by letting them use their eight massive generators, but this event should be postponed.

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