Hurricane Sandy : ‘Zone A’ Map NYC—Check if You’re in Danger Zone Here

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Hurricane Sandy is heading towards the Big Apple forcing “Zone A” evacuations and MTA closures.

While Mayor Michael Bloomberg may be telling people how dangerous the storm will be for New Yorkers, it remains to be seen how many will actually heed the warning and leave their homes before the storm hits.

Here is the information about Zone A:

  • Residents in Zone A face the highest risk of flooding from a hurricane’s storm surge. Zone A includes all low-lying coastal areas and other areas that could experience storm surge in ANY hurricane that makes landfall close to New York City.

It may seem like a repeat of Hurricane Irene but weather forecasters are saying that Sandy is a lot more powerful than Hurricane Irene and will cause more damage in terms of flooding and power outages.

Mayor Bloomberg had a different tune during his 11:30 A.M. press conference then he did last night when he said that he would not be evacuating anyone. The sheer size of the storm and it’s projected path must have made him think again.

In addition to the mandatory evacuation orders, there will also be public transport closures as of 7:00 P.M. Sunday night which will last until the storm passes —possibly Wednesday.

Are you in Zone A? Are you worried about Hurricane Sandy in your area?

Check out the map below to make sure you and your family are safe when Sandy comes ashore Monday into Tuesday— and if you’re in an evacuation zone don’t take it lightly!

Image courtesy of A Great Big City

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