Husband and little sons of Susan Powell die in explosion!

The husband of Susan Powell, the missing Utah woman, and their two sons died today in an explosion. The children were visiting their father, with the social worker. The father barred the social worker from the house, and she smelled gas.

The house exploded tragically taking the children with it. The husband is also dead. I am speechless. Do people not understand that because an adult decides to die that does not give them the right to take their innocent children.

Now, the social worker must live with the laws that humanity created. It was just wrong to let this man who lived with his father have those children at all. The maternal grandparents have suffered more than is humanly possible for any person to endure. What a tragedy!

MSNBC reports that Powell’s lawyer in Washington received an email just minutes before the explosion that read, “I’m sorry, goodbye.”



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