Husband Falsely Claimed Woman Had Bomb on a New York Flight

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After telling police that his wife was carrying a bomb on a New York flight, Kevin Flynn of England is facing a one-year prison sentence. Sometimes revenge plans really backfire, and Flynn has learned this lesson the hard way. In a desperate attempt to prevent his wife from leaving England and returning to her home in the U.S., Flynn made a call from a phone booth at Bognor Regis train station in England, warning authorities that his estranged wife had a bomb in the bag she was taking from London to New York.

Good Thing She Left Her Bomb at Home That Day

Police took Flynn’s claim seriously and tracked the woman down at Heathrow airport. However, it didn’t take long for them to ascertain that the bomb tip was a hoax. Flynn had also told authorities that his wife had also damaged his property and stolen money from him. Police would’ve had to suspect that the woman wasn’t really trying to bring a bomb on a New York flight, but all tips must be taken seriously and investigated thoroughly. This poor woman faced police interrogation for both having a bomb and being a thieving criminal.

Hoax Phone Call Leads to Prison Time

Eventually, after determining that she wasn’t carrying a bomb on a New York flight, 31-year-old Kerensa Romara-Macmahan was released and allowed to take a later flight home to escape her mentally disturbed ex-husband. Flynn, the crazy ex, pled guilty and was sentenced to one year in prison for making the phone call.

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