Hwayoung Wardrobe Malfunction Reveals Nude Breast on Live TV

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The Hwayoung wardrobe malfunction has rocked Korea. The 18-year-old member of the Kpop group T’ara accidentally exposed her breast on live TV. The group was performing Lovey Dovey on the show Inkigayo, which is a live music contest.

Hwayoung Wardrobe Malfunction Reveals Nude Breast on Live TVWhile the group T’ara actually won the Triple Crown on Sunday’s show, the Hwayoung wardrobe malfunction is the public’s focus, so it has overshadowed the group’s win. The singer was performing a solo dance when her breast popped out of her top in an unfortunate nip slip.

Core Contents Media, the agency that represents the singer released a statement about the event. They said, “Because of Hwayoung’s young age, she was very shocked and frightened by the event. Even now, she remains very shocked. The incident was purely accidental as it happened due to the loosening of the tapes that held the microphone wires under her outfit.”

It sounds like this nip slip was a complete accident and now the singer is horrified that her exposed breast has made the rounds on the Internet. It is too bad that T’ara’s win has been overshadowed by this event. Sometimes these things just happen especially on live television. You can see a video of the nip slip here (warning brief nudity).

One thing is certain, this wardrobe malfunction has certainly increased the singer’s and her group’s name recognition in Korea and throughout the world. While she likely would not have chosen to expose her breast on purpose, the publicity might end up being good for the group in the end. Perhaps that is the one bright side.

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