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Here is another edition & addition to this series. I remember this song from way back when & have heard many renditions from many different artists, it remains hauntingly beautiful to this day.

Here are some pecular facts not much known about the writer & the song.

Whispering Hope was actually written by Septimus Winner (1827-1902).

He used his own name & many pseudonyms such as: Alice Hawthorne, Percy Guyer, Mark Mason, Apsley Street, & Paul Stenton. Winner was also a teacher, performer, & music publisher.

He is also known to write: Listen to the Mockingbird (1855) & Ten Little Injuns (1868), & in 1864 a popular success which we all recognize – Oh Where, oh Where Is Mine Little Dog Gone.

In 1862 Winner was arrested for treason because he wrote & published a song entitled Give Us back Our Old Commander: Little Mac, the People’s Pride.

In 1970 Winner was inducted into the Songwriters Hall Of Fame.



Whispering Hope

Soft as the voice of an angel, 
Breathing a lesson unheard, 
Hope with a gentle persuasion 
Whispers her comforting word: 
Wait till the darkness is over, 
Wait till the tempest is done, 
Hope for the sunshine tomorrow, 
After the shower is gone.  

If, in the dusk of the twilight, 
Dim be the region afar, 
Will not the deepening darkness 
Brighten the glimmering star? 
Then when the night is upon us, 
Why should the heart sink away? 
When the dark midnight is over, 
Watch for the breaking of day.  

Hope, as an anchor so steadfast, 
Rends the dark veil for the soul, 
Whither the Master has entered, 
Robbing the grave of its goal. 
Come then, O come, glad fruition, 
Come to my sad weary heart; 
Come, O Thou blest hope of glory, 
Never, O never depart.  

Whispering hope, 
O how welcome thy voice, 
Making my heart in its sorrow rejoice.

Lyrics & Music by 
Alice Hawthorne


Once again - Willie Nelson sings up this oldie but goodie ... just like himself!  Hope you too enjoy it!


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