Hysterical Video of Yesterday’s No Pants Day Ride 2010: New York and Chicago

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Unbeknownst to me, yesterday was the no pants day ride 2010 on the subways in cities from Chicago to DC to Baltimore and New York. Participants in the event stripped down to their skivvies at 3pm ET and it made for some very funny video. The event was put together by Improv Everywhere. 

Let me be clear though, yesterday was no pants day. Not today. Do NOT go stripping down to your underwear in the subway or you’ll be in big trouble with transit police. And certainly don’t strip down at the office today thinking you’re getting into the spirit of things. All you’ll end up with is a trip to HR and a mental health note in your file. 

So for all of you that missed it like me, enjoy some of the No Pants Day video that I was able to dig up for all of you. 

No Pants Day Ride 2010 New York Video:

No Pants Day 2010 Chicago:

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