I am Martha Kent…

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When my son, Parker, realized I was snapping photos of his big sister, Haley, he insisted I do the same with him.  (Be sure and check out the ones of Haley; you'll die laughing!) 

Of course he was wearing his new Superman pajamas.  I'm sure all of you wonder if he ever wears anything else!!!  LOL

I give up.  You can now just call me Martha Kent.  (You know, Clark Kent's mother!) LOL

Of course he has to have the strong and powerful superhero face on!  Ha ha!

And gotta show off that cape!

He's so darn cute!

Another of the superhero faces.  These always make me laugh.

Superman getting ready to take off!

Did you ever see anyone look so "tough"!?!  LOL

And finally a cheesy grin just for mommy.  : )

This is Martha Kent signing off.  ; )

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