I AM NOT – ID I IOT (SunWE,3/9/2014, Be Nasty)

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But after a meeting last week (25.8.2006) I felt confident to move on. A new respite package and we were heard, listened to! Not so. A phone call today says it will be done in the very way I was asking it not be done. I am in despair. I turn to my muse.


A Package for Caregiving  


He is the package 


I am not


That is a lot

Of not

The ID of Not


ID   I   OT


I would like to be able to say


I am woman I am strong

But he is the package


ID   I   OT





Benita Kape (c) 24.5.2006 revised 28.5.2006 and 25.8.2006


 The above poem was written at a time when I was seeking more support from an agency we call ACC. In the end I got that support but at the time there were days when I was pretty annoyed. Hope the format holds. Some lines were slipping of the side when they should stay formatted to centre.

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