I am sick and tired…

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I am really sick and tired of partisan politics, I am sick and tired that the Senate and the House instead of doing what the People elected them to do they bicker and argue about who's right and who's wrong.  The Republicans have used any and all types of tactics to fear the public into voting for them.  They have used the all famous we will protect you better theme for years.  In 2002 they used that same theme to make sure Max Cleland who fought and lost both his legs in the Vietnam war was not re-elected to congress.  They said he was un-American because he differed with the President.  He was not going to protect the people and the Bin-Laden wanted him to win.  These types of tactics discuss me to no end. 

The Democrats I am afraid aren't above the frey though.  Some of their tactics in the past linking people to conficted criminals, and other congressman who have had scandals.  They are no better than the Republicans, but since you have to vote for someone it might as well be the party that will actually protect our rights as Americans. 

I am tired of the fighting and wish it would end but it won't.  I wish we could all just get back to the time when we agreed to disagree and debated on the issues.  When we told the voters exactly our ideas and plans and let them decide for themselves the right plan.  I wish we could have actual honest debates on the issues and that the polticians in this Country would just tell the truth for once.  Enough of the he said she said, enough of the he will do she will do crap, what about what you will do.  What about what your plans are for stopping the war in Iraq, and making sure we are safe at home and abroad.  What about telling us exactly how you would do something. 

If we would all just get back to the times when we agreed that we were different and had different ideas;  If we agreed that the voters are smart enough to decide for themselves the right candidate for the job;  If we agreed that the negative campaigning and the bickering as to stop, this country would be far better off today, and frankly maybe more Americans would actually show up and vote on election day.

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